Paige Barefoot Hissers

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Paige uses her gorgeous bare feet and pretty, white pedicured toes to crush a large bunch of lucky hissing cockroaches.

There’s lots of slow heel grinding, cruel toe twisting and methodical sole squeezing action here as Paige takes her time dispatching each roach one by one underneath her ruthless bare soles, toes and heels.

No roach is spared from Paige’s wrath, not even a pregnant roach and her babies survive her brutal, wicked feet. By the end, the roaches are all reduced to a pile of mangled, smashed up carcasses of guts and goo on the floor.

Lots of heartless, evil laughter and brutally mean, sadistic verbals from Paige throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:36 Paige is surprised when she squeezes a long egg sac out of the first roach. She mercilessly grinds her bare heel into the mother roach until she cuts her in half, then heartlessly crushes her babies just for the fun of it. “Look at you, looks like you had some babies in you, haha.”

5:13 Paige sadistically twists the ball of her foot on a struggling roach, loudly popping and brutally severing off his head. “Mmm there’s that crunch, hahaha…”

6:48 “Mmm, lets crush you with my big toe!” Paige smushes a roach with her pretty big toes, mercilessly twisting and squeezing him until he’s completely flattened. “Come here, I want all my weight on your little head!”

8:18 “Smell in-between my toes! Hahaha.” Paige traps a lucky roach between her toes and forces him to smell them.

9:18 Paige has some ruthless fun here, using a roach to tickle her delicate, soft soles as he flails around helplessly on his back. “You wanna tickle my feet? Wanna tickle my feet? Hahaha! Tickles so much…”

10:13 A roach hisses loudly as he desperately tries to escape Paige’s brutal soles. She traps him underneath her foot and sadistically asks, “Where are you going little footboy? Don’t think you can go anywhere without worshipping my feet with your face! Hahaha!”

12:28 Another roach hisses in fear as Paige callously tosses him to the ground, laughs at him and heartlessly says, “I like listening to you cry for help before I crush you, hahaha! There’s no one here to help you…”

13:19 A roach unwisely tries to hide under Paige’s barefoot arch. She pitilessly mocks him then bursts his guts out under the ball of her foot. “There you go, hahaha. Seek shelter underneath my stinky feet… It’s so safe and warm in there, isn’t it? Hahaha.”

15:26 Paige sits down next to the pile of roach corpses and shows off her beautiful bare soles and wiggling toes covered in slimy white guts and goo. She smiles like an angel and asks us, “You like that? Hahaha, all those guts underneath my feet.”