Jayde Hissers 2

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Jayde, a one-off model who simply loved crushing, tries hissers again. This time, she is out of her shell a bit and really shows her true colors with her cruel words.

The highlights below give some insight into what kind of impromptu lines she was saying as she tormented these hissers with her bare feet.

This is a bit of an older clip, but at almost 19-minutes of barefoot bug crushing from a normal, pretty, woman who crushed for hardly anything, this is definitely a must-have addition to the barefoot collection.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:30 Jayde explodes the first hisser under her toes and goes “Yeah!” Then continues smushing him until he’s dead.

3:30 A hisser explodes under the ball of Jayde’s foot in a stream of guts.

2:30 Jayde places a hisser under her bare heel, then rolls his helpless body into a flat pancake!

8:02 “Where you going buddy? Hmm? Where do you think you’re going? Yeah, you see all your little friends? Yeah, that’s gonna happen to you!”

8:41 “Still trying to get away, huh? Nope.”

9:01 Jayde taunts a hisser as it tries to run with his guts sticking out of his butt. She eventually squashes him.

10:56 Jayde does a quick impromptu foot show here on her now gooey bathroom floor.

12:15 A sexy sideview of some high-arch crushing.

12:55 Jayde taunts a hisser as he squirms, stuck on his back. “Aw, do you need some help?” She then descends her bare heel on him. “Sorry!”

14:48 Jayde puts a big hisser under the ball of her foot and taunts him about his dead friends before she squashes him with her toes.

16:10 “Ooh, look at you, little survivor!” – “Oh, too bad.”

17:15 Jayde holds down a hisser’s head with her toe and says, “You didn’t even try to fight…”. She then crushes his protruding half with her other big toe, turning him to goo.

18:05 In a twist, Jayde sits down with a very loud, unruly hisser. She puts it between her feet and squashes him to death.