Barefoot Tarantula

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Few girls would even agree to be in the same room as one of these huge, beefy spiders, but Paige isn’t one of them. This stunning outdoorsy beauty has absolutely no fear at all, picking the tarantula up and playing with him so sweetly, before flipping the switch and making his life hell underneath her heartless bare feet and black painted toes.

Paige is downright diabolical here as she uses both her feet and toes to squash and torture the poor spider, ripping his legs off one by one while using her irresistible bare soles to grind and twist him until he’s an utterly destroyed, unrecognisable mess of gunk and goo on the floor.

Don’t miss out on this hair-raisingly terrifying, barefoot tarantula crush, just in time for Halloween!

Lots of incredible mean, dastardly verbals and ruthlessly cruel laughter from Paige throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

1:16 Paige shows off her stunning bare soles and toes for the camera as she innocently plays with the tarantula like her beloved family pet. “There you go, just crawl on my hands… I’ll keep you safe, hahaha.”

1:43 As the tarantula crawls up Paige’s arm, she shows off her gorgeous, wrinkled soles and asks him menacingly, “What shall we do with you? Hahaha.” She wiggles her sexy, devilish little toes as she thinks of the answer, “I bet you would feel amazing… underneath my foot, hahaha!”

2:42 Some wonderful, mercilessly cruel teasing as Paige looms over the doomed spider. “Don’t try to run away from me, it’ll only make things worse. It’s nothing to be scared of…it’s just my foot! Hahaha!”

3:19 Paige inconsiderately tosses the arachnid to the floor and angrily scolds him, “You think you can come into my house?! And try to scare me?!? Sorry buddy, it’s not quite Halloween yet, hahaha.”

3:37 Paige laughs cruelly as she crunches her right big toe into the tarantula’s body. He squirms and writhes up in pain and anguish as she uses her other big toe to rip one of his legs off. “Whoopsies, hahaha!”

3:58 “Let’s rip those f*cking legs off! One…by one, hahaha!” Paige starts ruthlessly ripping the tarantula’s remaining legs off one at a time with her cruel, malevolent toes, laughing with a spine-chillingly sadistic delight.

5:13 Paige rips more of his legs off then kicks his broken, disfigured body close to the camera. She laughs remorselessly as she notices his three remaining legs still twitching, begging her heartless goddess feet for an ounce of mercy. “Oh yeah, you twitching? Hahaha!”

5:43 “Stupid f*cking spider…” Paige cold-heartedly grinds her big toe into the spider’s body once more, mangling him beyond recognition at this point, before mashing and twisting him under her powerful soft sole.

7:43 “I’m gonna get you all underneath my foot. F*ckin’ smash you!” Paige cackles without sympathy as she crushes and grinds her tantalizing soles and toes over all the smeared tarantula pieces on the floor.

8:20 Paige sits down, laughs, and smiles sweetly at the camera while showing us her exquisite, irresistible soles now fiendishly covered in the smashed spider remains. “Look at your pathetic body now, underneath my feet, just stuck there.”

9:30 “Look at that, poor pathetic body.” Incredible final close-up shot of Paige’s magnificent bare soles with the destroyed spider’s squashed dangling remains stuck to them. She elegantly wiggles her toes and wickedly grins with evil pride.

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  • 5

    Posted by CJ on Oct 23rd 2023

    I just adore Paige. Major props to her for crushing a tarantula BF. She is so dominant and crushes naturally. I do agree with the other two reviews. Slow it down a bit girl! Make sure that crush is visible! Other than that she did a phenomenal job! Keep your eyes on Paige, folks!

  • 4
    A bit to fast

    Posted by Dirk on Oct 20th 2023

    She crushed the spider a bit to fast. Slow with toes only where be great. Or with thin sole ballet flats ?

  • 4
    no fear

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 14th 2023

    It's easily a 5 star video, but what hurt it was that the final grinding of the tarantula was too close to the camera and therefore couldn't be seen. Otherwise fantastic and i hope paige keeps upping the ante for barefoot crush!