Hisser Squish

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Kore has an absolute blast in this video, using her exquisitely beautiful bare feet and cute, blue pedicured toes to crush and massacre a large group of lucky hissing roaches.

She starts out by sandwiching them one by one between her bare soles and toes, before standing up to trample the rest under her soles, toes and heels. She relentlessly squeezes, grinds, mashes and stomps them all under the full weight of her bare feet until they’re nothing but a messy, gooey soup of roach guts on the floor.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:40 Kore giggles as she squeezes the first hissing roach between her big toes like a vice. At 1:22 she slams her bare heel down onto his head and he lets out several high-pitched squeaks and squeals of pain as she mercilessly mashes him into paste on the floor.

2:12 Kore sandwiches a roach’s head between the balls of her feet, causing his guts explode out between her big toes. She laughs sweetly as she massages her pretty toes into the struggling roach on the ground, before twisting him to death under her heel.

5:18 Kore laughs heartlessly as she traps another roach under her left big toe, then ruthlessly smashes him into a gooey pulp under her bare toes and soles.

6:11 “No! Where are you going?” Kore laughs as she bursts another roach’s guts out under the ball of her foot, then twists and grinds him into an unrecognizable, slimy mess. “Haha, oh wonderful… does that feel good?”

6:48 An awesome guts explosion under Kore’s left bare sole. She snickers as she squeezes him under the ball of her foot, oozing out his guts like a toothpaste tube.

8:44 A brutal moment as Kore sadistically toys with a roach and traps him under her toe (9:05) and presses her full weight into him, causing his body to bulge like a balloon. She laughs callously as he finally succumbs to the immense pressure of her foot and his guts burst out all over the floor.

11:25 Kore laughs gleefully as she hovers her foot above a fleeing roach and stomps down hard, then crunches and grinds him flat under her bratty sole.

13:50 Another beautiful guts explosion close to the camera under Kore’s bare sole. She laughs without pity as the poor creature tries desperately to survive.

14:39 Kore tiptoes and marches over the large pile of roach corpses before sitting down and smiles as she wiggles her beautiful, goo-covered feet towards the camera.