Strappy Heel Hissers

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Shoe type:
High heels
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4K 60fps
Shoe size:
7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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Paige has an absolute blast wearing her brand new, sexy strappy high heels as she mercilessly crushes and destroys a bunch of helpless hissing cockroaches.

Something about these long stiletto heels causes Paige to go a little psycho here, as she goes on what can only be described as an absolute heel-jamming frenzy, having her wicked fun crushing each roach with her heels one after the other.

She stomps, grinds, and twists them all with these extremely destructive and deadly shoes until every roach is left totally obliterated, torn apart and flattened into a gooey, messy pulp.

Lots of sadistic evil laughter and cruel, heartless verbals from Paige throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:35 “You get to play with my heels! Are you so excited you little stupid insect?” Paige laughs as she traps a roach’s head under her sole and crunches it flat. She then proceeds to stab him mercilessly with her stiletto heel.

2:04 “You wanna play? Hahaha, I just wanna play with you…” Paige innocently says as she sadistically toys with another poor roach. He hisses in fear and desperately tries to escape before Paige pins his head under her foot and grinds him into mush. “Hahaha, so delicious…”

2:48 Paige ruthlessly stabs her stiletto heel into a roach’s body and twists it sadistically back and forth. His antennas flail in agony as she wickedly laughs and says, “You like that? You like all the weight on my heel? Hahaha!”

4:43 A roach flees for his life as Paige has fun ruthlessly stamping her foot up and down repeatedly like a crazed psychopath, finally stabbing him with her stiletto and laughing heartlessly.

6:40 Paige cruelly mocks and belittles a roach as he hisses in distress before impaling him with her stiletto and grinding him into a stain under her shoe. “Mr. Dramatic, you OBEY me!”

7:55 Some sexy, savagely slow grinding crush action from Paige here under her right shoe sole. “God look how flat I make you with all my weight on you, hahaha!”

9:19 “Hahaha, I got you right where I want you…” Paige brutally stabs the life out of the final roach with her stiletto, coldly mocking his suffering all the while. “Snuff you out with my heel, hahaha. Pathetic, worthless bug… There is no escaping from goddess Paige!”

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  • 5
    So hot.

    Posted by Krawen Kraw on Feb 20th 2024

    She's amazing. I lover her voice and love what she says. Those strappy heels are so sexy and her legs are amazing. I would love if there were a few different views, for instance if the video started with her sitting with her legs crossed as we watch from the floor view looking up. Keep up the great work.

  • 5
    She's my favorite

    Posted by Krawen Kraw on Feb 20th 2024

    I love her voice and love what she says. The strappy heels are so sexy, and her legs are amazing.