Barefoot Tarantula Redo

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This video can be considered a redo of Paige's original Barefoot Tarantula with improvements based on feedback received.

Paige takes her sadism to a frighteningly whole new level in this video, as she slowly torments and ruthlessly crushes this large, hairy tarantula under her gorgeous bare feet and sexy, white pedicured toes.

After being forced to smell Paige’s sweaty feet out of her converse sneakers, this poor unfortunate spider gets subjected to quite possibly, one of the most agonizingly slow, hellishly painful and fiendishly sadistic crushing sessions ever filmed. Paige really draws out his pointless painful suffering, slowly squeezing him under her big toe, then ripping his legs off one by one all for her wicked pleasure and amusement.

Death must have seemed like a blessing after the unimaginable agony and anguish he felt under this cruel goddess’s sadistic soles, while she clearly enjoyed every second of it…

One of the most brutally callous and cruel tarantula crushes you’re ever likely to witness.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:45 “I think I’ll crush you with my smelly feet!” Paige tells the tarantula as she holds him gently in her hands. She takes off her sweaty converse trainers while she sadistically asks him, “What do you think? Should I crush you barefoot? Hahaha!”

1:29 “You get to smell my feet!” Paige takes her time teasing the doomed spider, hovering her bare feet and toes over him, then shoving them in his face while laughing and taunting him mercilessly. “Aww, do they smell THAT bad?”

2:25 Paige shows just how cold-blooded she can be, trapping the tarantula under her big toe and really drawing out his brutal, agonizing torment just for her own fun. His legs struggle and flail helplessly as Paige simply mocks and ridicules him. “You can try to run away, as the pressure gets heavier, and heavier…”

3:38 Paige laughs with wicked, evil delight at his unspeakable pain as she begins mercilessly twisting off the suffering tarantula’s legs one at a time. “Hahaha, one by one? We can take them off…”

4:45 Paige teases the poor crippled spider under her toes as she cruelly revels in his seemingly never-ending misery. “Are you ready for me to finish you off? You can’t take this much longer? Hahaha!”

5:04 Paige finally puts him out of his misery, grinding her toe into his body, then twisting him flat under her the ball of her foot as she moans and laughs with evil satisfaction. “F*ck yeah! I love it when you crunch underneath my foot!”

5:28 “Worthless spider, hahaha!” Paige savours every wicked twist of her sole, using her toes and heel to flatten the ripped apart spider limbs on the floor into a gooey, messy black stain.

6:34 “Look at you totally f*cking flattened…” Paige sits down and gives us an incredible close up of the mangled spider body stuck to her beautiful, pitiless bare sole, toes and heel. “Get all of you on the bottom of my foot, right where you belong, hahaha!”