Overkill Koi

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Shoe type:
Boots - Doc Martens
Video length:
Video resolution:
4K 60fps
Shoe size:
7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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Paige is back wearing her sexy, powerful black Doc Marten boots and ready to teach this large helpless koi fish a crushing lesson he’ll never forget.

She begins by kicking him around for sport and toying with his life for her evil amusement. She ruthlessly mocks and belittles his existence, before bringing the pain with some brutal, powerful stomps and twists under her boots, grinding him into a completely unrecognizable annihilated fish paste by the end.

Lots of amazingly cruel, trash talking verbals and pitiless, cold-blooded laughter from Paige throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:01 “Look at this dumb, pathetic little fish…Look at my massive boot compared to it, hahaha!” Paige has fun bullying and remorselessly kicking this helpless fish slave around with her powerful Doc Marten boots.

0:49 “You like getting kicked around by my boots? Hahaha!” The poor fish gasps and flops his tail around desperately as Paige continues toying with him, treating him like complete and utter trash under her wicked feet.

1:28 “Turn you into f*cking goo on the bottom of my boots…” Paige laughs sadistically as she stomps her foot down over and over again, squelching and squashing the poor fish into a flattened, gooey pulp.

2:03 “Oooh, listening to your body crack!” Paige moans seductively, laughing as she slams her boot hard into the Koi fish. His guts gruesomely ooze out as she turns him into a bloody, messy stain.

2:25 Paige brutally stomps her boot into the demolished fish like a kitchen mallet. “Totally pulverize your stupid little body, hahaha! Let’s see how f*cking flat I can get you!”

3:28 She continues to relentlessly grind and stomp the flattened mush on the ground - hard to believe that gunk once resembled a living fish. “Does that feel good? Hm? Just trample on your whole body. Hahaha!”

4:34 “Twisting your body into nothing but a f*cking pathetic stain! Hahaha!”

5:49 “Look at you, I’ve reduced you to basically nothing!” Paige gathers up the bloody fish guts and gooey entrails into a pile then grinds her boots into it one final time.

“F*ckin’ worthless fish, I’m done with you!”