Wicked Overkill

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Kore has another lobster trapped, ready to play with her sexy white sneakers. She is particularly wicked with her verbals, almost as if she was in a vengeful mood during this one.

If you want to know what complete and utter annihilation looks like, then look no further than this video. Kore has an absolute blast wickedly tormenting and thoroughly demolishing and crushing the life out of this helpless lobster, shattering and mashing him into a literal puddle of unrecognisable goo.

By the end, her white sneakers get so covered in lobster blood and guts, that they’ve almost completely changed color.

Lots of callous laughing and amazingly cruel, sadistic verbals from Kore throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:29 Kore taunts her helpless lobster prey with a touch of sadistic beauty. She teases, "Are you ready? To get crushed by me? Hahaha, don't you just love my shoes? They were made just for you..."

1:27 "Do you wonder what it's like to be crushed by me? Well, let me show you..." Kore stands up and slowly places her foot on the lobster's back. As the shell begins to crack, she sadistically asks, "What do you think? Am I heavy? Hm? Are your eyes starting to bulge? Hahahaha!"

2:21 The lobster slips out from under Kore's feet and she menacingly moves towards him. She jumps up and down on his claws as she angrily snarls, "Where do you think you're going? You're not gonna' go anywhere!"

2:43 She stands on the lobster's claws and slowly spreads her feet out, brutally ripping the lobster apart and splitting his body right down the middle. "Awww, Oops, I'm sorry. Does that bother you?"

3:13 "Aww, look at your eyes, am I so heavy?" Kore pumps her foot up and down on the lobster, making his eyes bulge in pain, before he finally crumbles under the unbearable pressure of Kore's sneakers. His head cracks open and brain goo shoots out across the floor. Kore giggles and moans with pleasure as she drives her toes into his head. "There we go, hahaha. Mmmm yummy…"

3:51 Kore stamps her right sneaker hard into the lobster's head and body, causing lobster juices to spray across the floor. She giggles and moans with delight.

4:48 Kore marches her feet up and down ruthlessly, furiously stomping the broken lobster with her heels. His guts and goo pour out from his shell as Kore continues to flatten and destroy him.

5:32 More beautiful, ferocious heel stamping on the lobster's head and antennas, as cruel Kore laughs innocently.

6:15 "You're so squishy, I just wanna tear you to pieces…"

6:41 Kore continues to grind her sneakers into the decimated lobster as she laughs and sadistically asks him, "Do you like how they feel now? Do you? Don't they just feel so good? Hahaha!"

8:01 "I love the way you crunch underneath my soles." Kore continues the total lobster destruction, marching, stomping and twisting her sneakers. She even begins moaning with orgasmic pleasure. "Uhh I love it so much, hahaha."

11:01 "I just love squishing you, so juicy you did NOT disappoint me, mmmm…" Kore moans seductively while she playfully grinds and twists her feet into the mush that previously resembled a lobster only moments earlier. At 11:46 she sits down and smiles like a sweetie, showing off her messy sneaker soles plastered with lobster guts.

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    Sexy girl crushing lobster

    Posted by Rohith Sharma on Dec 26th 2023

    This video is so awesome. I love how this sexy girl plays with the lobster for a while and teases it verbally before crushing it. And its smart idea to tie up its claws with the blue thing like shown in the video and leaving the lobster defenseless. We are so lucky to be born human I got to admit. So let's enjoy our human life with crushing haha. Awesome video, keep up the good work.