Haley's Worm-Squirt [facecam]

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This is Haley's first ever bug crush! Give her some love, as we basically just sat her down in front of the camera with a cup of hornworms and told her to squish them! She told us she was less afraid of the bugs, more afraid of disappointing -- we think she did fantastic for a virgin crusher! Haley looks achingly beautiful and sweet here, smiling adorably as she treats these lucky hornworms to a fate we can only dream of…being squashed between her heavenly bare soles and irresistible, red pedicured toes.

She takes each worm one by one, toying with them like living playthings for her pitiless amusement, before placing them between her tantalizing bare feet and smothering them ruthlessly with her toes and soles as they struggle and wriggle hopelessly in vain.

She looks down at her helpless victims with such a graceful, charming innocence throughout, while also showing not even a shred of mercy, compassion nor care in the world for their unimaginable suffering, heartlessly placing them all into her barefoot vice of death and tormenting them into oblivion, squeezing, splattering and spraying their guts out all over the floor.

Lots of incredible gut juicing, squirting, and exploding action in this one. The preview does not show the face cam.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:07 Bewitching beauty Haley places the first lucky hornworm between the balls of her feet, then proceeds to squeeze and smother him relentlessly between her sexy soft soles and exquisite wiggling toes.

0:44 A worm wriggles in Haley’s hand causing her to drop him in surprise and start giggling adorably. She toys with him for a bit, squeezing him mercilessly between her feet before ruthlessly chopping him in half under her soft sole.

1:12 An amazing moment here as a fat hornworm gets his juices squirted and sprayed out between Haley’s feet like a fire hose. He drops to the floor and writhes around in pain as she continues to mercilessly mash him into a flattened, gooey mess under her wicked soles.

1:40 This worm can’t handle Hayley’s feet in the slightest,  disintegrating almost instantly and exploding to mulch from her unbearable foot squeezing pressure.

2:35 Haley pops a hornworm open under her cruel sole and his brown guts splatter across the floor. She picks him up and squeezes him between her feet causing his juices to erupt out of him like a volcano, shooting in every direction.

2:51 Haley lightly plays with and wholesomely taps her pretty feet in the pile of worm guts and corpses. She smiles like a perfect, innocent little angel as she shows off her messy wrinkled soles and gorgeous wiggling toes for the camera.