Haley Inshoe Mix

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Shoe type:
Flip flops - Inshoe
Video length:
Video resolution:
4K 60fps
Shoe size:
7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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Our dazzlingly captivating model Haley really doesn’t care at all what we put under her beautiful stomping feet, as she crushes a mixture of crickets, hornworms and roaches into bug paste underneath her sexy, strong bare heels.

We gradually fill up Haley’s sandals with bugs as she relentlessly pumps and presses her bare heels up and down on them, heartlessly smashing everything underneath her feet like a gorgeous trash compactor of death. She pitilessly tramples them without a second thought to the unimaginable horrors taking place below her, mashing them all until they’re a flattened, gooey mess stuck to her stunning, heavenly bare feet.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:20 A fat hornworm vomits his green guts and juices out under Haley’s ruthless bare heel pressing. She lifts her heel briefly, letting him writhe around in agony before squeezing her foot back down and popping him like a balloon.

1:20 Another fat hornworm pops loudly and bursts open, exploding and gushing his guts out across the floor underneath her powerful, wicked bare heel.

2:23 The anticipation builds here as a crippled roach struggles on his back, surrounded by the carnage of bug corpses now amassed inside Haley’s sandals. She nonchalantly hovers her foot over his head tantalizingly like a barefoot guillotine before ruthlessly smashing him flat underneath it.

2:51 Another hornworm can’t take the unbearable pressure of Haley’s strong, dominating heel as she squeezes him into mulch and juices his guts out over the floor.

3:19 A funny moment here as a lucky cricket walks back and forth from one sandal to the other, managing to escape death multiple times like a cricket Indiana Jones in the trample of doom under Haley’s relentless feet presses.

3:56 The enchanting Haley looks back at the camera and gives us an adorably cute, radiant smile before getting on her knees and showing us her messy bare heels along with the incalculable wreckage of squashed bug guts inside her sandals.