Toe-tal Domination [disco]

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Discounted due to this being an early, unreleased video. We never posted this because we weren't 100% satisfied with the lighting. Kore was also sick and didn't do much talking. She still manages to giggle a bit as she squeezes the hissers with her perfect, sadistic toes. An incredibly sexy video to grab while you can.

Kore looks extremely cute wearing her CrushDolls outfit, ready to squeeze a bunch of hissing roaches under her cruel bare feet. She also did a similar clip in the same shoot called Silent Sadist.

She laughs as she uses every part of her flawless feet to crush each of her roach victims into oblivion, from her toes to her heels to her soles, utilizing a wide variety of crush techniques so that each new crush is different from the last.

One of Kore’s early, never before seen and previously unreleased videos she filmed for us.

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A few highlights from the video:

1:54 After carefully placing four roaches under her toes, Kore presses her full weight down onto her tiptoes and twists back and forth, oozing out the roaches’ guts.

3:12 Kore places two roaches under her bare heels and squeezes them out like toothpaste tubes.

4:39 Kore giggles as she squeezes this lucky roach between her big toes.

4:57 A roach makes a nice loud popping sound as he explodes under the ball of Kore’s ruthless bare foot.

5:32 A roach squeaks and squeals with fear as Kore rests her soft sole on top of him (clearly he knows what’s coming). Kore doesn’t care at all and dominates him without mercy under her feet.

6:06 Some great crunching and squelching sounds as Kore marches her tiptoes on the pile of roaches. She really mashes them all into a messy, slimy roach goo.

7:18 A final sexy sole show at the end, with roach guts stuck in-between Kore’s cute little wiggling toes.