Thongs of Death

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Flip flops
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4K 60fps
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7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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No, we did not title this with a lisp... Our beautiful goddess Paige has an absolute blast destroying the lives of a large bunch of hissing cockroaches while wearing her beautifully matched thong flip-flops.

She traps them under her wicked feet one by one, delighting in tormenting them as they hiss and squeal desperately for help, before sadistically grinding and twisting them all into a slimy pile of roach guts and goo on the floor.

Lots of Paige’s maniacal evil laughter and shockingly cruel, ruthless verbals throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

1:06 We hear a loud crunching snap as Paige laughs and does a slow evil grind on a roach under her heel. She kicks his limp, flattened body away and coldly says, “Toss you aside like f*cking trash, hahaha!”

1:40 She wickedly laughs and torments a trapped roach under her toes. He struggles in vain while Paige enjoys mercilessly taunting him. “Look at you trying to crawl out, hahaha. But you can’t can you?”

3:22 “Come here you pathetic little loser.” Paige tosses another roach to the floor then moans with fiendish pleasure as she slowly grinds his guts out under her unbearable toe pressure.

4:24 Paige laughs pitilessly at a roach as he struggles helplessly on his back. She grinds her heel into him before stomping and twisting him into mush under her full weight.

5:06 “All I gotta do, is apply a teensy more bit of weight…” Paige says wickedly as she slowly twists her sandal on a roach’s head until it snaps, causing his guts to ooze out of his body.

5:42 “You look f*cking massive!” A large roach hisses in fear as he desperately tries to escape the evil goddess’s flip-flops. Paige traps and slowly squeezes him under her foot as she mercilessly says, “I wanna see those guts ooze out.”

7:26 Paige is at her most ruthlessly sadistic here as a terrified, panic-stricken roach hopelessly squeals and begs for mercy under her foot. She just ridicules and heartlessly mocks him for it. “No, please not me! No I’ll do anything…Too late!”

7:52 “Look at you guys all turned into bug paste!” Paige gathers up all the roach corpses into a pile, finishing off the few remaining survivors before trampling and marching them all into bug goo under her flip-flops.

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  • 5
    I love Paige

    Posted by Krawen Kraw on Feb 20th 2024

    This is really awesome. I love the part where the roach sounds like he's crying and page says no, not me! She's so hot.