Sandalled Seabug

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Shoe type:
Flip flops
Video length:
Video resolution:
4K 60fps
Shoe size:
7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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Paige is sick of her boyfriend making her lobster for dinner every night, so she decides to get her own back by crushing one under her sexy black flip-flops instead!

Paige is mean when she’s angry, making this lobster suffer a slow death under the unrelenting pressure of her flip-flops as she squeezes, grinds, and rips him to pieces until he’s a pile of lobster paste.

Paige really makes this lobster feel the full wrath of her unforgiving feet. Let’s hope her boyfriend learns his lesson next time, or more innocent lobster’s will end up suffering the same agonizing fate as this poor guy…

Lots of bratty, cruel verbals, sadistic mocking, and heartless laughter from Paige throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:02 Paige kicks the poor, unfortunate lobster around with her flip-flops as she vents her frustrations over her inconsiderate boyfriend. “I cannot believe my boyfriend wants to make me lobster for the third day in a row. I’m f*cking tired of lobsters…I’ll f*ckin’ show him, maybe I’ll crush this lobster, hahaha!”

2:22 Paige laughs with evil, giddy delight as she tramples and grinds her flip-flop heels into the lobster’s claws, brutally tearing them off his body. “You don’t need these do you? Rip ‘em both off! Oops, hahaha!”

3:02 Paige shows no mercy as she slowly presses her right foot down on the lobster’s body and head, causing his shell to crunch and his juices to squirt out across the floor. “Oooh, he squirted! Hahaha. What a f*cking little pest…”

3:41 “See if I can f*cking flatten you…” Paige brutally presses all her weight down on the lobster’s body, oozing his guts out as he squashes and crumples to the floor. “Oh yeah, f*cking flatten you, while I put all my weight on your back.”

4:10 Paige laughs without pity as she squeezes her toes hard into the lobster’s head, causing his guts to gush and pour out of his body like a green, oozing river of blood.

6:09 “I wonder if I can rip you in half…” Paige stands on the lobster with both feet and callously tears him apart while she giggles with glee. “Oooh, totally f*cking separated! F*cking pathetic lobster.”

7:43 Paige continues to grind and twist her flip-flops into the squashed lobster mess on the floor as she heartlessly monologues, “Maybe tonight I’ll have a steak. F*ck lobster!”

9:12 Paige moans with wicked pleasure, showing no remorse as she tramples and grinds her flip-flops into the mushy lobster guts and goo. “Look at me on top of your flattened body. Worthless, pathetic…Hahaha!”