Nursed Flat

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7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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This is an exceptionally sexy little clip for all the roleplay fans out there. We had a massive hissing cockroach that was an extra from a custom shipment, and Paige made sure he got treated like a proper pest!

Paige comes back from a long, hard day at work as a nurse, still wearing her nurse’s uniform. She kicks off her trainers and gets ready to relax and unwind before noticing an extraordinarily large cockroach under a glass bowl with a note left by her useless, cowardly husband. “Really? You’re scared of this little f*cker? Pfft give me a f*cking break…”

You can imagine what happens next.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:41 “What the f*ck is this? After taking off her work shoes, Paige discovers a trapped cockroach with a note from her husband. “Really? You leave me a note to tell me that you’re a little b*tch that you can’t kill a f*cking bug…”

1:39 “Look how fun you look to squish! Hahaha.” She presses her bare sole down on the roach, and he hisses in fear. “Oh, you make noise! Hahaha.”

1:50 A great close-up angle as Paige presses her bare foot into the roach, causing his guts to burst and splatter over the floor. The half-crushed roach tries to flee but Paige just laughs, callously dragging him back under her deadly bare sole. “Oooh, hahaha. Look at that, even with your guts hanging out you’re just still trying to run away.”

2:07 “What a stupid, pathetic bug!” Paige laughs and beautifully grinds her soles hard into the dying roach as white goo oozes out of his flattened body.

2:16 “I love to flatten little stupid bug, hahaha.” Paige continues squeezing her sweaty work feet into the roach, showing us a closeup of his guts stuck to her heartless sole.

2:36 We hear a deadly crack as Paige twists the ball of her foot into the roach’s head while laughing sadistically. “Mmm, so crunchy and gooey, hahaha!”