Goo In-Shoe

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Sandals - In-shoe
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4K 60fps
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7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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The spectacular Isabel unleashes her sadistic side here, as she ruthlessly crushes and annihilates a large bunch of hissing cockroaches inside her sandals, underneath her sexy, flawless bare heels.

One by one, she shoves them under her dominating heels without mercy, relentlessly squeezing and grinding them hard, mashing and oozing their guts out.

One lucky roach even gets the privilege of being squeezed underneath Isabel’s tantalizing, black painted bare toes.

She laughs and mocks them all without a hint of pity as they try to flee for their lives from her cruel feet, before eventually finishing them off by marching and trampling them into oblivion beneath her deadly sandals.

Lots of cold-hearted laughter and brutally cruel, sadistic verbals from the breathtakingly beautiful Isabel throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:17 “Just get in there, nice relaxing day at the spa…” Isabel teasingly jokes, as she shoves the first roach inside her sandal and squashes him flat, splattering his gooey white guts out under her gorgeous bare heel.

1:21 Isabel squeezes her heel on a roach and his guts explode and shoot out like a rocket, as she pitilessly says, “Oh, f*ck, you shot all over the damn place. I automatically don’t like you now…”

2:36 “You get some big toe action here.” Isabel shoves a lucky roach inside her sandal, underneath her sexy big toe, driving and twisting it hard into his body as he struggles helplessly under the searing pressure.

3:08 Isabel heartlessly mocks a roach, ignoring him as he desperately hisses and begs her for mercy. “We got a screamer, and a runner…”

4:05 Isabel slowly presses her heel down, gruesomely flattening and oozing a roach’s guts out. She sadistically drives her heel down hard into him again, almost severing his body in half, then wickedly jokes, “Look at you, you’re so brave. Unfortunately, you just… you couldn’t make the cut.”

5:06 We hear a loud, brutal crunch as Isabel squeezes a mangled, half crushed roach under the heel of her sandal. She can barely hold back her laughter, while saying in a sarcastically callous fashion, “Was that your head? Oopsie!”

6:19 As Isabel tramples her sandals in the pile of dying, half crushed roaches on the floor, she spots a baby roach trying to escape and heartlessly grinds him into a flattened stain under her sole. “Another baby! Killed you for free…”

10:54 Isabel mercilessly stuffs the final roach inside her sandal, on top of the squashed corpse of one of his friends. “Grand finale! One’s still in there, and then another one, you guys wanna make a double?”

11:26 Isabel marches her sandals up and down in the pile of dead and dying roaches, mashing them until they’re a flattened, gooey puddle of guts, while showing off her soft, deadly soles and irresistible bare heels covered in slimy white, messy roach paste.

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    Posted by Jay on Jun 6th 2024

    This video was amazing I really love it I can’t wait to see Isabel do inshoe Crawfish