Fish In Flops

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Shoe type:
Flip flops
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4K 60fps
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7.5 US / 38.5 EU
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Paige gets her feet very messy in this video, as she crushes a bunch of innocent goldfish inside her flip-flops, underneath her irresistible bare feet and tantalizing red pedicured toes.

She crushes without a hint of sympathy for these poor guys, stuffing each fish one at a time underneath her soft soles, toes and heels and brutally squeezing them until they pop and burst their guts out under her.

There is plenty of moaning and heartless laughter from Paige as she turns these fish into a juicy, slimy, gooey mess. By the end, her soles are painted red with fish guts.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:35 Paige stuffs the first goldfish inside her flip-flop, under her soft bare sole. She slowly squeezes her full weight down on him, causing his guts to ooze and drip between her mean toes and down the sides of her flip-flop. “Oh you’re so juicy, hahaha!”

1:29 We hear a loud pop as Paige presses her heel on a fish. His guts burst out like a water balloon while Paige callously laughs and brutally severs his head with her heel. “Totally ripped off his head! Hahaha!”

2:47 She places a new fish menacingly under her right big toe and brings it down like a guillotine, mercilessly cutting the poor fish in half. “Totally f*ckin’ rip you apart, hahaha!”

3:37 “Let’s give this toe some love…Stop moving!” A fish feels the savagery of Paige’s left big toe this time. He tries to struggle but ultimately succumbs to the unbearable, slow squeezing pressure. His eyeball bleeds and bursts out of his head as he gets wickedly flattened.

5:33 “Mmm, you’re so big.” The most grisly, gruesome crush of the video, as Paige shoves a large fish under her big toe once more. He opens his mouth wide as if to scream from the unbearable agony of the toe pressure being exerted on him, forcing his eye to burst out of its socket as she smushes him under her toe without pity.

6:38 Paige turns around and lifts up her soles, giving us a great view of the carnage under her feet from behind. “Look at that f*ckin’ mess, hahaha! Look at the little stains, just the way I like them, hahaha!”

6:58 Another fish gets placed head first under Paige’s heel. His tail twitches in pain as she slowly presses her weight down, then marches her heel on him until he’s totally squashed out. “Mmm, there we go, completely flattened.”

8:10 “Mmm, oh my god look at that f*cking mess, hahaha.” Paige moans and laughs sadistically as she kicks off her flip-flops and squashes the remaining fish corpses, before showing off her ruthless, wrinkled bare soles now painted red with fish blood and guts.

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    Posted by QDPIE on Feb 3rd 2024

    Amazingingly Wonderful! Paige is the realest deal around. I can barely wait for more flat bottom in shoe clips! The close up camera view, the beautiful speaking and the brutal nature of the clip is mesmerizing. I wish i could tip you for such an experience. Thank you, Paige. You rock! Five Stars Highly Recommend!