Double Domination

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The best part about Anna is how adorable and innocent she is on the surface. Whenever we send her something to crush, that façade swiftly fades.

The first five minutes of this video consists of nothing but cruel taunts and tormenting by Anna, followed by a trample session under her cute little size 6 feet that you will not forget – nor will they.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:09 Anna sits down and begins her 5-minute taunt session of these lobsters, mostly with her feet on their backs and carelessly cruel comments.

0:40 Anna plays “peek-a-boo” with one of the lobsters with her toes on his eyes.

6:12 Anna is standing up now, with her sexy soles descending on one of the lobsters backs while she says, “I’m done with you buddy.” This is the start of their demise.

6:30 With both feet trampling the lobsters, juices squirt like a hose out of one lobster, with lots of noises from them.

11:45 Like a true psycho, Anna hums a tune while playing with the mostly squashed bodies of her two lobsters.

14:00 Anna tramples the flat corpses of the lobsters before sitting down for an extended sole display.

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    Anna's Lobsters

    Posted by Qsive on Dec 7th 2023

    Daddy issues? Bad break up? Misfortunes or mistreatment in life? Whatever the cause may be she's shifted the energy of anger and torment towards these innocent beasts. Watch as Anna conquers souls under her soles with zero hesitation. The level of cruelty displayed towards these Lobsters is off the charts and undeniably mean. Does it stop Anna In her course of action however? Of course not. Instead she continuously walks, treads, Trample and stomps as if she's getting paid for it. Oh that's right she is, which is seen in her high performance and dedication to end their lives in pain and misery. Never a dull moment as constant pressure cracks the shells of the Lobsters leaving their guts and organs on display as if a steamroller coarsed over them.