Bug Bully

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Devilish little cutie Mia is looking hotter than hell, back out at the park to crush a large bunch of lucky discoid roaches between her gorgeous, ruthless bare feet.

Once again, she shows absolutely no fear or hesitation crushing out in public, playfully tormenting each roach one at a time, mocking and belittling their existence as she squashes them all between her soft soles and toes before grinding them into messy stains under her sexy bare heels.

Mia shows absolutely zero pity or sympathy to these poor helpless creatures, smiling wickedly and acting like a cruel, twisted brat as she treats them like living playthings for her amusement, sadistically delighting in their painful suffering, fear, and abject misery.

Lots of incredible, remorselessly cruel taunting verbals from Mia throughout.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:15 “I’ll make him kiss my feet…” Mia laughs and jokes as she shoves the first roach into her foot, forcing him to kiss her big toe before squeezing him between the balls of her feet and stomping him under her heel.

1:21 Mia smiles and looks down pitilessly at the helpless roach between her soles. She rubs her feet together, ruthlessly ripping him in half.

2:23 Mia grinds and squeezes a roach mercilessly between her big toes. He falls to the floor, and we hear his final muffled squeals of pain as she heartlessly smothers and twists him under her bare sole.

2:51 “Nice little toe hug for ya!” Mia suffocates a lucky roach between her toes, then callously asks a second roach, “Do you wanna join your little friend?” She squashes and scrunches them both together until they’re mashed between her toes.

3:27 Mia heartlessly taunts a crippled roach stuck between her toes and sadistically decides to wear him like a toe ring while she continues her rampage for almost the entire rest of the video. “Are you gonna be my new toe ring? Look how nice you look right there…”

4:04 “I’m not sure if this is your baby but it’s somebody’s baby…” Mia shoves a baby roach in-between her pinky toe without pity and ruthlessly says, “You can stay while the rest of your family gets squished…”

4:43 “Look at you juicing again are you scared?” Mia heartlessly mocks a roach for wetting himself in fear, then shoves him between her toes. At 5:35 she smiles and laughs wickedly as she takes another baby roach and grinds him together with two other roaches. “It’s a family trio!”

6:16 “You little ones, I’m gonna catch…” Mia starts playing an evil cat and mouse game with the remaining baby roaches, letting them run for their lives before stomping and grinding them flat under her feet.

6:49 Mia’s living toe ring tries to escape but she just cruelly shoves him back between her toes and says, “You were supposed to be my toe ring, you’re not supposed to go anywhere!”

7:44 “You’ve been a nice little toe ring for the time being, but I think it’s time for you to go.” Mia finally rewards her dutiful roach toe ring by stomping and grinding him flat underneath her wicked bare sole. She sits down and shows off her beautiful, wrinkled soles and wiggling toes for the camera, covered in slimy guts and roach corpses.

9:00 A bonus final crush from Mia! After a baby roach manages to escape through a crack in the floor, Mia, out for revenge manages to find one last roach hiding in the bucket and squashes him flat under her pinky toe. “Today’s your lucky day cause your little sister decided to f*cking run away!”