Beast Ballet

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Shoe type:
Ballet Flats
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1080p 30fps
Shoe size:
6 US / 36 EU
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Anna has an absolute blast as she torments and crushes a large, unfortunate lobster with her black ballet flats.

She has an amazing lack of empathy for this poor creature, verbally mocking, berating, and trash-talking him all while showing zero consideration for his predicament. She really takes her time here, using her tiptoes as she moves agonizingly slowly up his tail and along his body, before crushing his claws and leaving his head for last to ensure he feels every ounce of pain under her mercilessly cruel flats.

It’s hard to believe how thoroughly and completely annihilated this once large sea beast is by the end, as Anna transforms him into an unrecognizable flattened mess of guts and slime, almost entirely disintegrated into a literal puddle of lobster goo on the floor.

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A few highlights from the video:

0:47 “Pay attention!” Anna delights in taunting and tormenting her lobster slave from the outset, sadistically showing off her new ballet flats for him while happily dancing around on her tiptoes like an evil little ballerina.

2:09 “Isn’t it cool? Aren’t these cool? C’mon, pay attention!” Anna gets angry and begins brattily digging her toes up along the lobster’s tail. His eyes bulge out and his antennas thrash around in distress while his tormentor just laughs and continues to verbally berate and abuse him. “You can’t go nowhere!”

3:47 Anna continues to make a mockery out of this poor lobster’s existence by savagely crunching his claw under her left ballet flat.

4:32 Anna heartlessly digs her toe point into the lobster’s head. He writhes up in agony as we see his guts come gushing out of the gaping hole in his body. She cruelly mocks his unspeakable suffering and says, “Ewww, I almost cut you in half with just my little tiptoes! You’re kind of weak, not gonna lie man… this is pretty sad for you.”

4:51 “Yikes!” We hear what sounds like a squeal for help as Anna drives her toes into the lobster’s head once more. His brains gruesomely ooze out between his eyes before she savagely squashes his head completely flat.

5:40 Anna squelches and tramples her flats all over his body while she continues the non-stop trash talking, happily humming away to herself as he brutally dies a horrible death beneath her.

6:25 Anna does some more innocent dancing on her tiptoes in the lobster mush, giggling as she mangles him into a juicy pile of flattened goo on the floor. “You’re just nothing…sorry Mr. Lobster.”

8:47 She playfully finds the lobster’s eyes amongst the wreckage of his broken body and wickedly shows off her shoes to the detached retinas. “Where’s your eyes? There’s your eyes! Look at these shoes! You were the first one for these shoes, you should feel honored!”

10:23 Anna turns around and shows off the wet, slime-covered soles of her flats. “Ahh, my little lobster, you were no match for these…”