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Why is my card not working?

The most common reasons for cards not processing on the site are:

  • The use of special characters or symbols in address fields
    If your name, address, or apartment number includes special characters, substitute them with the closest letter from the standard 26-letter Latin alphabet. Avoid using non-letter characters like asterisks (*), hyphens (-), apostrophes ('), or slashes (/).

  • The billing address you entered doesn't match the card
    If your ZIP code or address information isn’t close enough to the one recorded with the card issuer, the card will decline.

  • Your bank is not blocking the transaction
    More commonly than you would think, your bank could be blocking the transaction for a variety of reasons. Check your foreign purchase settings or other security settings, or contact your bank to resolve this.

    If you prefer to purchase another way, such as crypto, PayPal, CashApp, or others, contact us with your purchase request!

Can I pay another way?

Yes! Some customers prefer to pay via different methods. If you cannot or choose not to pay on the website, we gladly accept alternative forms of payment.

Alternatives include Cryptocurrency, PayPal, CashApp, US Amazon gift card, and more coming soon!

To get started, shoot us an email at contact@crushdolls.com, or use the simple contact form!

Can I order a custom?

Yes! We record customs at $10 a minute, plus the cost of any bugs or objects purchased for the video. Please check out our Customs page to see model availability and get started!

Please check out our Customs page to see model availability and get started!

How do I download my video(s)?

Immediately after purchasing, look for the Order Summary on the page. Find the red “Go to Downloads” link next to each video you just purchased.

Once there, each video you purchased will have a downloadable TEXT file containing the link to that video.

"But I already closed the order page! Help!"

Don’t worry, just go to your orders!

If you were logged in when purchasing, check under your Account > Orders. Click on the order, then click on the Download icon on the video you wish to download.

No account?

Check your email that was used when placing the guest order. Don't forget to check spam. The order email contains a link to the Downloads page for that order!

If for some reason you are still having trouble, Contact Us and we will help!

In the future, consider taking a moment to make an account for purchases!

Something Else?